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Meizu are giving you the chance to win 1 of 5 Meizu M8's. This competition is based at the designer in you. Check out the link below, which will bring you to the official meizu site, and read up on the details...

Rules & guidelines

* The advertisement must contain the Meizu logo.
* The advertisement should be in line with Meizu's corporate image and have an element describing features of the Meizu M8.
* When submitting, also include a description of the central theme of your advertisement.
* All entries are to be production-quality.
* Plagiarism and piracy will not be tolerated.
* Contest is open until 11:49PM Bejing time on Sunday, March 29.
* Submit your entries to karen [AT] meizu.com. Make sure you put "Meizu M8 ad entry" as the title of your email.
* Shipping will be paid by Meizu.

Meizu Competition - Win a Meizu M8

Below are some High Resolution images to help you get started. The majority have been taken from zol.com.cn with the main Meizu logo being made by us here at www.foxtwenty.com, enjoy:


Now get creating!!!

Fox Twenty
Fox Twenty
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